Kraft Liner Board

Kraft Liner Board

Eagle Paper International offers Kraft Liner Board (Virgin fibers board) that can be purchased in Test Liner, White Top Test Liner, Coated White Top Liner or MediumColors.

Definition: Linerboard: A paperboard made on a fourdrinier or cylinder machine and used as the facing material in the production of corrugated and solid fibre shipping containers. Linerboard is usually classified according to furnish and method of web formation. (source: The Dictionary of Paper)

Container Board - The component materials used in the fabrication of corrugated board and solid fibre combined board (source: The Dictionary of Paper)

Corrugating Medium - A paperboard used b corrugating plants to form the corrugated or fluted member in making corrugated combined board, corrugated wrapping, and the like. It is usually made from chemical or semichemical wood pulps, straw or reclaimed paper stock on cylinder or fourdrinier machines. (source: The Dictionary of Paper)

Test Liner: Recycled linerboard

Substance : 115Gr-150Gr

Medium: Recycled Medium, (fluting) 105-Gr-150Gr


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